The Importance Of Brain Octane Oil

brain power in a supplementBrain Octane Oil is the latest brain health supplement that has been causing quite a buzz in the market.

It is a new supplement that is eighteen times more powerful compared to coconut oil at providing caprylic fatty acids into the brain.

Caprylic acid is responsible for improving your cognitive functions and energy over time. It helps reduce brain fog and improve your focus and concentration at the same time.

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Many people have been relying on coconut oil for its brain-boosting potential. But Brain Octane Oil is found to be 18x more potent than coconut oil in improving one’s brain functions effectively.

The product is odorless and flavorless. It can be easily added to any food or drink to give you an easy mental boost whenever you require it. This article provides a comprehensive overview of Brain Octane Oil.

The product is made from a highly concentrated version of palm kernels and coconut oil. In fact, this product is found to be much more powerful and potent compared to caprylic acid capsules – and priced 75% less than the cost of the capsules.

product label for brain octane oilYou can buy this product for $1.07 per ounce. In fact, caprylic acid capsules have a price of $3.78 per ounce. The product is manufactured by a company known as Bulletproof which is founded by Dave Asprey – a technology entrepreneur and Silicon Valley investor.

Dave has already spent more than $300,000 consulting with professional healthcare providers, healers, naturopaths, chiropractors, and psychologists across the globe to put together the formula for this product. Today, Dave has been able to release of the most effective brain-boosting supplements in the world.

There are many benefits of this effective product. In fact, you will find a host of positive testimonials for this supplement on different online forums and discussion boards. The majority of users have said the product worked for them.

It offers instant energy for the brain. It is a kind of fuel for the “starved brain.” The product is responsible for reducing brain fog. It does this by reducing the levels of candida – which is a gut yeast that produces toxins in the bloodstream.

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The supplement is odorless and flavorless and easy to add to any food, drink or smoothie. You need to store the product at room temperature. Hence, there is no requirement to store it in a refrigerator.

The manufacturer provides information on how you should use the supplement for the best benefits over time. Start by taking one teaspoon of the supplement per day. You can increase the dosage over several days after that.

Medium Chain Triglycerides

Eventually, you need to be taking at least 2-3 teaspoons of Brain Octane Oil per day. The supplement can be taken by itself or mixed with any other food, drink, salad, or smoothie. You can use it in any cooked or baked food – but the temperature should be lower than 320 degrees Fahrenheit.

The supplement contains 8-carbon medium-chain triglycerides that are derived from coconut oil or palm kernels. The ingredients for the product are purchased from sustainable local and foreign producers across the globe.

There are no side effects reported by taking the supplement. If you exceed the normal dose, you may experience a stomach ache or loose stools as a result. The official website claims that the supplement is not suitable for anyone with a risk of kidney stones.

You can buy this supplement from numerous health stores and online retailers. You may also buy the product from the official website of Bulletproof.

The aforementioned article provides a comprehensive overview of Brain Octane Oil.

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